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Hand-picked monthly, the very finest independent music spanning many genre's and ethnic sounds. Expect to receive genre's such as Psychedelic rock, Folk, Fusion Electronica, Arabesque and many more beautiful sounds.

Smaller artists

Streaming has unfortunately made it even more difficult for new artists to get recognition, we support them.

Ethnic sounds

There are a whole variety of sounds the west is missing out on, they are astounding and we want to share them.


We are obsessed with audio clarity at MRCL, so we test every record if they are up to our quality standards.

Beautiful music, no

We hand pick, the finest wine of music from the
world for pure audio euphoria. Strictly no mainstream.


Discover new genre's

Explore hair raising new sounds that
you have not heard before.


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£34 pm, cancel anytime.


2 full album's or 1 album +
2 single's

Hand picked, no nonsense beautiful music
that you will be obsessed with.