The core concept of MRCL began when my partner had a clothing store in London during 2013. Whenever I was there helping out I had music playing and somebody almost daily would ask what is that and what language it is. The music in question was always Ethnic or World music so the unique sounds created an emotional reaction with the customers. Exploring new things is always somewhat exotic to the senses.

I have been a lover of music from a very young age, being an audiophile I have also been into collecting Hi-Fi equipment for years, constantly changing my gear for optimum audio clarity. As a lot of the artists I listen to rarely get any traction within the Western hemisphere and with how difficult streaming algorithms have made new music discovery, I eventually realised I may be able to combine my passion for audio in a method where I can get the artists heard with new audiences. That’s when MRCL was born.

Sales of vinyl in 2016 reached a 25-year high with over a 1000% increase as consumers young and old have once again embraced physical formats of music. We want to further emphasize this by giving you the very best of it, delivered to your door. Beautifully curated and thoughtfully explained to you, what you are receiving, where it's from and why it's so special.